"I was always challenged with relationships and taking tests. After working with Dr. Elman, my self confidence soared. I got the job and the girl I wanted. Thanks for working with me."

Josh McBaker

Tracy has a storyteller's tone that is wonderfully appealing. Whether reading a children’s book or announcing a promotional event, she’s easy to listen to and authentic with a rich tone. She can sound conversational or commercial with ease. The bonus was she taught me so much about improving my script for better results! I highly recommend her and plan to work with her again.

                                                    David Seagraves

 Trepmoola CEO  

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"I was impressed with the wide variety of subjects offered at Leap To New Heights. I don't have to drive across town after work to go to classes. I just go home and jump online. This was easier than I expected. I'm glad a friend recommended this."

Mark Allen

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Leap To New Heights was founded on the belief that almost every one has the ability to increase their self esteem and improve their life.


Over the past 30 years, our director has helped more than 400 people improve their abilities, according to their needs. As a result, these clients have grown their business, relationships, careers, and increases in self-esteem and confidence. Business owners have multiplied their business up to 10 times exponential growth. We love celebrating those victories with our students.


In a recent survey, 100% of our clients who participated would recommend the Leap To New Heights to a friend.


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The Skys The Limit: You Can Do it! 

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All Leap To New Heights teachers meet the criteria and philosophy to meet the goals to create and empower the student. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific read more