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All Leap To New Heights teachers meet the criteria and philosophy to meet the goals to create and empower the student. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific read more

Rev. Dr. Tracy Elman, D.D., D.M. Dream Maker Coach, Multi-Award Winning and Best-Selling Author, Realtor, Educator, Creative and Founder of Leap To New Heights.  

Tracy is a trusted advisor, serving quality and highly committed with great integrity to the positive transformation of her students and projects. Considered the go to person for learning and discovery bringing light adding to the growing knowledge of those asking. 

There are many areas of expertise that Tracy has mastered. She is extremely generous. She has helped many breakthrough. Her guidance has transformed many and has been traveled far beyond her students. 

Tracy develops systems to provide from discovery elements to magnetic key components. Tracy invites you to apply for a free 15-minute discovery session. Apply here.

Learning Materials

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  • Books,
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  • Live Workshops

The Skys The Limit: You Can Do it! 


Leap To New Heights provides one-on-one coaching, consulting, and learning materials  read more